Best Dog Beds 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The best dog beds give a feeling of security, warmth, support for the joints and back, and insulation. When looking for pet supplies for our four-legged friends, one of the items that should be at the top of the list is a good dog bed. Other key essentials are feeding dishes, food, leash, and collar. Luxury or cheap dog beds are a must-have item and practical for all types and breeds of dog, regardless of age, breed, or size.

If you aren’t entirely sure of which type of dog bed is right for your specific breed, why not use our comprehensive guide to find the best bed for your dog.

Best Dog Beds Comparison

PictureNamePriceEditor Rating
Best Memory Foam Dog Bed for Small Dogs4 Inch Solid Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog BedCheck Price4.5 out of 5
Small Pet BedsPremium Faux Leather Polyester Filled Plush Square BedCheck Price4.3 out of 5
Best Rated Memory Foam Dog BedsUltimate Pet Bed & Lounge in Premium Edition with Solid Memory FoamCheck Price4.8 out of 5
Best Durable Dog BedsLuxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed by SnoozerCheck Price4.3 out of 5
Best Dog Bed For ChewersRaised Chewproof Dog Bed by KurandaCheck Price4.7 out of 5
Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs7 Inch Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed by Big BarkerCheck Price4.4 out of 5
French Style Dog BedFaux Leather Sofa BedCheck Price4.7 out of 5
Dog Beds For Older DogsPremium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog BedCheck Price4.2 out of 5
Cheap Dog BedsHairy Plush Dog Bed by Creative Pet GroupCheck Price4.5 out of 5
Best Dog BedsCasablanca Round Solid Pet Bed (AKC)Check Price4.1 out of 5

The Best Dog Bed Reviews for 2020

Here is our list of dog beds on the market that is easily bought online. Read our dog bed reviews carefully to get complete guidance on making the right decision.

1 – 4 Inch Solid Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

The 4 inch thick orthopedic dog bed by Brindle has the ability to deliver superior comfort for healthy sleep.

The 4 inch thickness of the mattresses is split between two distinct layers – one is high-density support foam and the other comfort memory foam.

This gives the ultimate support and easily conforms to pressure and weight that could otherwise lead to discomfort from hip dyspepsia, arthritis, or achy joints.Best Memory Foam Dog Bed for Small Dogs

A useful convenience against spills or bodily fluids is the 100% water-resistant encasement cover.

This is also appreciated for its ability to help control issues with everyday hair and dirt. Other appealing features are the resistance to dust mites and being naturally hypoallergenic.

For complete ease in cleaning and maintenance, this orthopedic dog bed has a removable, zippered cover that makes it possible to machine wash when needed. It also has a non-skid bottom to make sure it stays in place.

Beyond its ability to give great comfort and function in the home, this best memory foam dog bed is a practical choice to use outside in a standardly sized kennel.

The dog bed for small dogs is sized 22 by 16 inches and practical for dog crates up to 24 by 18. The dog beds for medium dogs are 34 x 22 inches and easily fit in crates sized 36 by 23 inches.

The large dog cushion beds are sized 46 by 28 inches and intended to fit 48 by 30 inch dog crates.

Verdict: Overall, a very solid bed that is cushy and warm and ideal for dogs from 25 to 75 pounds.

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2 – Premium Faux Leather Polyester Filled Plush Square Bed

The Faux Leather Square Bed by Best Pet Supplies is built to create a cozy environment for your dog.It easily provides a great degree of durability and comfort with its faux suede construction.

The faux fur outer shell and plush interior create the best bed for dogs to completely relax in soft comfort.Small Pet Beds

Clean up after an accident or dirt from day-to-day use is quick and convenient. The entire bed is made to be washable.

Plus, the beds have an anti-slip bottom to make sure it stays in its corner even after a lot of movement from the dog.

These beds with fluffy outside and removable cushions are available in a choice of 5 sizes. The small pet beds are sized 19 by 15 by 7 inches, the medium is 24 by 19 by 6 inches, large is 26 by 24 by 7 inches, extra-large is 30 by 28 by 8.5 inches, and extra-extra large is 35 by 28 by 11.75 inches.

Verdict: overall, this is a great dog bed that is not only appreciated for the high level of comfort afforded to our furry friends but also well priced.

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3 – Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge in Premium Edition

The Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge by PetFusion is styled with a modern, attractive touch to make sure it seamlessly fits in the home.

It is built with premium material to provide the type of comfort your dog deserves, as well as being tear resistant and easy to clean.

The actual memory foam is at a solid 2.5 inches to provide superb comfort to improve health, mobility, and warmth, while also helping with issues related to joint pain.Best Rated Memory Foam Dog Beds

This pet bed is easy to clean with a removable cover that is machine washable. Plus, the minor issues of hair removal and spot cleaning are also possible.

Don’t settle for the cheap dog beds that have low-quality fillers, such as low density foam, shredded foam, cotton batting, or cedar chips.

This dog bed by PetFusion is a premium grade with high density, certified and solid memory foam.

The size of this dog bed is 25 by 20 by 5.5 inches and gives more than enough space to accept small to medium sized breeds (up to 50 pounds)

Verdict: overall, this PetFusion is among the best rated memory foam dog beds with fabric and foam that is non-smelling, and the all-round quality of the bed is certain to justify its price.

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4 – Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed – Best Durable Dog Beds

The Luxury Cozy Pet Bed by Snoozer has the ability to create the cave or covered style nesting bed that is perfect for the dogs that love to burrow or hide.Best Durable Dog Beds

This luxury bed is made with high-quality materials that give great warmth and comfort. The outer cover is in a luxury micro-suede material that is soft and attractive.

Also, the Sherpa lining is particularly helpful for keeping a dog warm during the cold winter months, while also leaving the dog cool in the summer.

The cleanup process for the Snoozer dog beds is quick and simple with a cover that is entirely removable and machine washable.

It comes in a choice of three sizes: small dog beds are at 11 by 14 by 20 inches, large beds at 35 by 35 by 10 inches and extra large beds at 45 by 45 by 12 inches. The large size is perfect for dogs at around 50 pounds and gives more than enough space to get comfortable.

Verdict: Overall, this is one of the best durable dog beds that are soft and great for retaining warmth. Plus, it is entirely washable to make it easy to keep clean and fresh even after accidents.

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5 – Raised Chewproof Dog Bed

The patented design of the Chewproof Dog Bed by Kuranda is built with a high-strength PVC frame to give practical support for dogs up to 125 pounds.

The luxury raised dog beds with an orthopedic design get your dog up off the drafty, cold floor and keeps them comfortable, cool and dry.Best Dog Bed For Chewers

The frame and fabric area of the dog bed is easy to clean to maintain its like-new appearance. The Cordura fabric is hard-wearing and abrasion resistant to make it the best bed for chewing dogs, as well as standing up to repeated cleaning.

Plus, this type of fabric isn’t slippery, so gives a useful amount of traction when getting on and off the bed.

This Kuranda dog bed is more practical for indoor use and is available in a choice of five sizes. The small bed is 30 by 20 inches, a medium is 35 x 23 inches, large is 40 by 25 inches, extra large is 44 by 27 inches and extra-extra large is 50 by 36 inches.

Verdict: Overall, this is one of the best dog beds for labs and even though it has a slightly higher upfront investment, in the long-term it is less expensive because of its longevity and quality.

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6 – 7 Inch Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed for large and extra large dogs has a superb thickness of 7 inches to provide incredible comfort and support to the largest breeds.Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs

This orthopedic dog bed is made to not flatten out over time, which means the weight is perfectly distributed for all-round durability and comfort.

The 7-inch thickness is split between several high-quality foam materials such as those intended to offer comfort and therapeutic properties.

Simple to clean and maintain, the dog beds for lab or similar breeds have a removable cover that is quick to unzip and remove at times of accidents or part of a regular cleaning schedule. It is machine washable for complete convenience.

The high-end velvety couch look is certain to look great in the home and will easily complement the surrounding decor and furniture.

The actual pillow top orthopedic dog bed is available in a choice of three sizes: Large (48 by 30), Extra Large dog pillow (52 by 36) and Giant (60 by 48).

Verdict: Overall, this is the best large dog beds and is really worth the investment and makes it possible to potentially save money in the future because it is not necessary to keep buying a replacement every few months.

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7 – Faux Leather Sofa Bed – French Style Dog Bed

The Faux Leather Sofa Bed helps to create a soft, luxurious space for dogs to curl up and sleep.

It has a stylish and attractive look that appears much-like a real sofa but in miniature form. Also, they have a look similar to the French style dog bed.

The actual leather is finished with a distressed look and easily complements the surrounding furniture. On the inside, the bed is filled with recycled polyester fiber to give a high-level of comfort.French Style Dog Bed

A great quality of the faux leather is the ability to stay snug and warm, while also giving a cool feeling when needed.

The sofa bed is extremely easy to clean and maintain and has a removable cover that is intended to be machine washable.

This sofa-styled bed is sized 29 Inch by 19 Inch which is more than enough space for the small to medium dog breeds. It is practical for dogs up to 35 to 40 pounds.

Verdict: Overall, this best mid-sized dog bed is surprisingly comfortable with plenty of cushioning to provide a perfect resting place for the small/medium-sized dogs.

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8 – Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

The premium quality of the Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed by Milliard gives your pet complete comfort and support much-like the human mattresses.

This is a certified orthopedic dog bed that will easily accept the shape of your dog to give all-round support to sore joints or bones.Dog Beds For Older Dogs

The mattress is built with 2 medium-firm layers which consist of 2 inches of high-density foam (gives great durability and support) and 2 inches of 3lb memory foam.

This combination helps to create an amazingly soft feel for the small to large dog breeds and gives the ultimate sleep experience.

The bed is easy to clean with a removable anti-microbial water-resistant and washable zipper for straightforward maintenance. This is certain to be appreciated by pet owners with aging or older dogs.

Dog beds for older dogs often include a non-slip surface which is used for gripping the flooring to avoid unnecessary movement and greater safety.

The Milliard best pet beds are available in a choice of four sizes: Small (24 by 18 inch), Medium (34 by 22 inch), Large (40 by 35 inch) and Extra Large (46 by 35 inch).

Verdict: Overall, this large/small orthopedic dog bed is appreciated for not only its high-quality construction but also its great price.

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9 – Hairy Plush Dog Bed – Best Cheap Dog Beds in the Market

The Hairy Plush Dog Bed by Creative Pet Group is a practical choice for puppies and dogs (from small to large).Cheap Dog Beds

This dog bed is filled with extra thick 100% poly to give a high level of comfort, while other features include a memory foam soft pad and portable size plush mat.

The actual bed is designed to easily accept the shape of the puppy or dog to give orthopedic comfort.

Easy to clean and maintain, and available in a choice of four sizes: Small (21 by 17 inch), Medium (24 by 18 inch), Large (30 by 24 inch), and Round (18-inch diameter).

This simple and attractive design puppy bed is easy to place anywhere in the home without looking out of place.

Verdict: Overall, the cheap dog beds like this aren’t the most appealing option, but it is still soft, comfortable and well priced.

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10 – Casablanca Round Solid Pet Bed – Extremely Budget friendly

The Round Solid Bed by AKC is made with Casablanca fabric to provide a very soft and comfortable sleeping surface.Best Dog Beds

This dog bed is sized 21 by 6 inch round which is more than enough space for smaller size dogs to curl up and sleep in.

There is a nice firmness of the bed which makes it not too stiff and not too floppy.

Made in 100% polyester and machine washable, this dog bed is easy to clean and maintain in times of accidents or regular cleaning.

Plus, it comes in many different colors (blue, green, brown, red, sage, tan, etc.) to make it really easy to match the furniture in the living room or other space in the home.

Verdict: Overall, this round dog bed is well-made and great for smaller breeds, but there are plenty of other beds out there that offer greater value for money.

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Why it benefits to have a dog bed

Investing in high-quality dog beds is an essential requirement for a dog owner. When a dog has a warm and comfortable bed they get to enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:


Warmth and insulation are major reasons to invest in dog beds. They lift the dog off the drafty, cold and hard floor year-round. Plus, there is a greater level of comfort afforded by the ability to curl up for warmth for both good health and comfort.

Privacy and security

The dog bed is a perfect place to retreat for a period of privacy and security whenever necessary. A dog will appreciate having a place that they are able to call their own.

Cushioning for bones and joints

A soft and warm place to stretch out is essential for all dogs, but more so for the overweight, arthritic, or older dogs. The most popular dog beds are custom-made to give the best support for dogs in the region of the joints.

Better control of dander and loose hair

A useful benefit of dog beds is the ability to hold dander and loose hair in a single, easy-to-clean location. High-end or cheap dog beds with a replacement/extra cover are a practical option – this means that while one cover is in use, the other can be in the wash.

Injury prevention

Dog beds can lower the risk of in-home injuries because they stop the dog from jumping to reach high furniture. Injury prevention is mostly needed for older dogs or smaller breeds.

Protection for outdoor dogs

Any dogs that aren’t kept in the family home are certain to benefit from an appropriate bed to give security, comfort, and protection. Most are built to be water-resistant, tough and comfortable and practical for virtually any location.

Things you MUST KNOW before choosing Dog Bed

Now that you are more mindful of the good quality dog beds on the market, you may also want to know more about the many different types of dog beds. Here is an overview of each type of dog bed:

Standard dog beds

The standard dog bed looks much like a pillow or cushion and has no outer rims or edges. They come in a choice of colors, materials, sizes, and shapes (square, rectangular, oval and round). The outer shell of the bed is covered with a warm, comfortable material, such as microfiber, faux suede, denim, flannel or fleece. Plus, for extra comfort, the inside of the bed is padded with foam or a polyester filling. Other fillings include cedar chips to help deter the attention of insects and odors. The quality of the beds can range from low-cost and basic to high-end and designer. Most have a washable, removable cover for complete ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Great for: this type of dog bed is great for virtually all dog breeds. However, the standard beds may lack the support desired by older dogs or those with orthopedic problems.

Nest dog beds

The nest dog beds are much like the standard beds but built with raised rims or edges. The outer edges are likely to circle the entire bed – although some may only surround a portion of the bed. The extra height gives support for a small dog to curl up or lean on. This type of dog can be exceptionally comfortable and used similarly to a nest.

Great for: the nest dog beds are a practical choice for the dogs that love to lean back or curl up.

Donut dog beds

The donut dog beds are similar in design to the nest beds and include the outer edge or rim. But, the edge of this bed is more like a soft pillow bolster to really give the dog something to sink in and curl up. They are very soft (one of the most cuddly, cheap dog beds available) and typically shaped oval or round.

Great for: this bed is great for the dogs that love to get cozy and curl up. However, the naturally soft, plush build of these beds can make it difficult for the weak or old dogs to getting in or out.

Orthopedic dog beds

The orthopedic dog beds are purposely made for the dogs suffering from arthritis or similar health problems. Most are made with thick, high-density foam that gives the desired support and puts less stress on the dog’s sore joints and bones. While this type of bed is great for any dog, the very thin and senior dogs are likely to see the most benefits. Similar to the standard beds, the dog beds for senior dogs are available in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Great for: the orthopedic dog bed is a must-have pet supply for the dogs with orthopedic problems. Plus, they are beneficial for bony or thin breeds, such as Whippets and Greyhounds to minimize the risk of calluses and pressure sores.

Kennel dog beds

The kennel dog beds are a simple, yet effective option to give a greater level of comfort in a crate or kennel. The purpose made beds are more practical than using several layers of blankets or even disposable pads. Most are made to be easy-to-clean and water-resistant. Any dog that is left for long periods in a crate or kennel can benefit from this extra layer of comfort.

Great for: the kennel dog beds are practical for virtually all breeds. But, more so for the bony, thin dogs that are always in demand of extra-warmth and comfort protection.

Raised dog beds

The raised dog beds come in many shapes and sizes. Some are orthopedic, nest, standard or even a simple mattress housed in a raised frame. The actual frame is made of plastic, metal, wicker or wood. A high-end raised bed can be made to look much like a dog-sized sofa. A great advantage of the elevated dog beds is the ability to keep a dog off a dirty, cold floor surface. Plus, it stops unwanted guests like insects invading the dog’s private space.

Great for: while this bed can keep the dog off the cold floor, it isn’t a practical choice for every dog. For instance, the dogs with back or orthopedic problems aren’t likely to want to constantly climb or jump from the bed.

Covered dog beds

The covered or enclosed dog beds are a further useful idea to give the dog privacy and a place to snuggle up. The beds can appear much like a small tent or house and makes a very comfortable retreat. The construction can vary from a wicker basket or rigid house to something made entirely of soft, plush bedding.

Great for: this type of dog bed is great for the small breeds or even the shy dogs in search of a quiet place to hideaway.

Heated dog beds

The heated dog beds are perfect to give extra warmth and a place to snuggle up. Also, they can be combined with orthopedic features to give that extra degree of comfort to dogs with painful and sore joints. The basic principle of the heated beds is similar to electric blankets or heating pads.

Great for: the heated beds are a practical choice for virtually all dogs, but more so for the tiny or thin dogs that are less able to naturally hold warmth. Also, the dogs kept outside can benefit from a heated bed, especially in the colder months.

Cooling dog beds

The cooling dog beds offer a relaxing and cooling sensation for the hot and bothered dogs. Most of these beds include a filler material like a gel-like liquid or water to provide a comfortable surface for the dog to cool down and relax.

Great for: the cooling bed is one of the best beds for Bulldogs or other breeds with a tendency to overheat.

Travel dog beds

For regular travelers, a travel dog bed is a perfect addition to the vehicle on any long-distance journey. They appear much like the standard beds but give the convenience of rolling or folding up.

Great for: this dog bed is great for the dogs that are frequent travelers.

What are the different dog bed sizes?

The size and shape of the dog bed is a key consideration. If your dog prefers to curl up into a tight little ball than the round or oval shaped bed is the most appealing choice. But, the dogs that stretch out will find this type of bed too restricting, and will much prefer a rectangular shaped bed. All types of beds are available in a wide range of bed frames, fabric and style options.

Here is our dog bed size chart (extra small, small, medium, large, or extra large) to make it easy to determine the most appropriate options for your particular breed.

Dog bed size chart

Extra small

Extra small beds are approx. 30 to 36 inches in diameter round or 16 by 21 inch rectangular. This type of bed is great for small or miniature breeds that weigh up to 15 pounds. Best for: Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier or other toy breeds.


The measurements of the small dog beds are approx. 30 to 36 inches in diameter round or 18 by 23 inch rectangular. This size of the bed is practical for the breeds that weigh up to 25 pounds. Best for: French Bulldog, Dachshund, Toy Poodle, Pug, Whippet, Scottish Terrier, Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, and Shetland Sheepdog.


The medium dog beds are approx. 36 to 45 inches in diameter round or 21 by 28 inch rectangular. The medium bed is practical for breeds that weigh up to 55 pounds. Best for Staffy, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Border Collie, French Bulldog, and Boxer.


The majority of the large dog beds are sized 45 to 52 inches in diameter round or 24 by 36 inch rectangular. This size bed can easily handle the breeds up to 75 pounds, and give space to sleep comfortably and stretch out. Best for Husky, Standard Poodle, Dalmatian, Pointer, Golden Retriever, Pointer, Hounds, and Labradors.

Extra Large

The extra large dog beds are for the largest of breeds and sized 52 inches or more in diameter and 28 by 42 inch rectangular. This bed is a practical choice for the breeds that weigh up to 100 pounds. Best for: Doberman, Rottweiler, Bernese Mountain Dog, German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Malamutes, St. Bernards and Newfoundlands.

Our pick of the best dog bed brands

Now that you have a better idea of the types and sizes of bog beds, you may also want to know the top-rated bed manufacturers.

Majestic Pet

Established in 1994, Majestic Pets is based in Irvine, California and a leading supplier of high-quality beds, collars, and leashes. They aim to provide the best customer service and high-quality products. The actual dog beds are available in many different sizes and well-known for their strength and durability.

Big Barker

Big Barker is a US based company that aims to deliver high-quality pet supply products. They make use of the best materials and feature a unique 3-layer system that is perfect for the huge size of dogs. But, there is also a Junior brand to accommodate the small dog breeds. A great selling point is a 10-year guarantee on its products which is internationally recognized. This brand is worth a consideration for pet owners with the bigger dog breeds at home.


Founded in 1987, Kuranda is based in Annapolis, Maryland and manufacturers mostly high-quality dog beds, but also other non-pet related supplies. A great quality of the Kuranda branded pet beds is the Cordura fabric used to make the series of raised beds. This fabric is anti-scratch to provide long-term support and durability. Also, dog owners appreciate the tear and chew characteristics of the beds. The Kuranda makes some of the best beds for dogs that chew that have a tendency to rip or tear their beds.


The best dog beds are more than a simple padded area that is placed in a convenient area of the home. Beds can play a great role in the pet’s all-round satisfaction and health. Go with a dog bed that is right for your specific dog breed and is the best possible choice for your budget.