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The Best Leather Sofa For Dog Owners 2020

The need to get the best leather sofa for dog owners among other needs happens to be a concern of the same.

Why is this a concern, some would ask? It’s because such people have the wellbeing of the dogs at heart, and without doubt, this is a good approach to one’s pets.

However, a fact is that there are now various sofas that meet the needs of dog owners. And some of these sofas have features ranging from dog proof leather sofa to chew-proof couch.

Nonetheless, this sofa buying will guide yours through choosing the most suitable sofa that perfectly accommodates your dog.

Best Leather Sofa For Dog Owners In 2020


PictureNamePriceEditor Rating
Best Sofa for DogsEnchanted Home Pet Brown Ultra Plush Panache Pet BedCheck Price4.9 out of 5
Serta RTA Palisades Collection 78" Bonded Leather Sofa in Chestnut BrownSerta RTA Palisades Collection 78" Bonded Leather Sofa in Chestnut BrownCheck Price4.9 out of 5
Keet Deluxe Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed SetKeet Deluxe Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed SetCheck Price4.8 out of 5
Victoria Classic Rolled Arm Sofa Tri-tone Warm BrownVictoria Classic Rolled Arm Sofa Tri-tone Warm BrownCheck Price4.7 out of 5
Furniture of America Adelle Convertible Sofa/Futon, BlackFurniture of America Adelle Convertible Sofa/Futon, BlackCheck Price4.8 out of 5
Darby Sectional Sofa with Wide Chaise WhiteDarby Sectional Sofa with Wide Chaise WhiteCheck Price4.9 out of 5
American Eagle Furniture Upholstered Leather SofaAmerican Eagle Furniture Upholstered Leather Sofa with Added Base Support and Pillow Top Armrests, Yellow/BrownCheck Price4.7 out of 5
Office Star Modern Leather Sofa with Cherry Finish Legs, BlackOffice Star Modern Leather Sofa with Cherry Finish Legs, BlackCheck Price4.6 out of 5

What is the most durable couch for dogs?

1. Enchanted Home Pet Brown Ultra Plush Panache Pet Bed

Best Sofa for DogsWhen it comes to enhanced satisfaction the humans’ best friend is no longer let out of it.

And one of the reasons is the emergence of the enchanted home pet brown panache pet bed.

When talking about convenience, the pet sofa has it. It comes with medium size of 26-50 lbs, which is to give you’re the required support.

Also at the same time, the size makes it a convenient task to move the god friendly sofa to be moved around.

For those who which to lay their hands on pet-friendly leather furniture, the enchanted home pet sofa no doubt meets the requirement.

And this is because it possesses a removable cushion cover that comes in handy when the cover needs to be cleaned. Likewise, the cover is such that it can be washed, unlike some in its category.

This, of course, ensures optimal hygiene around the house.

The enchanted home pet brown panache pet bed also features a small storage pocket that is meant to keep toys and bones.

Furthermore, the sofa is made up of an exquisite high-loft form for the cushion. With this, sofa, durability is not a concern. The sofa’s height and overall dimension of the sofa are such that allow for convenience climbing by your pet.

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Product highlights

  • Perfect upholstery that comes with top quality leather and fabric
  • It’s removable and washable
  • It offers ideal support for your dog
  • Draft free dog sofa
  • It’s durable and offers the required comfort to your pet

2. Serta RTA Palisades – Pet friendly leather sofa

Serta RTA Palisades Collection 78" Bonded Leather Sofa in Chestnut BrownSerta bonded brown leather sofa is also an exquisite sofa that gives ideal comfort to users.

Its top-quality features give the sofa its durability capacity.

Likewise, for enhanced user satisfaction, this sofa comes as an easy to clean one.

It’s top-quality fabric also gives it an edge over others due to the enhanced comfort derived from it.

This sofa comes with a mature and sturdy design that gives you a sense of optimal relation before even sitting on it.

Furthermore, it supports it quite outstanding as its structure comes with the composition of hardwood material. Its superb leather comes with a double benefit of comfort and easy-to-wash option.

All you need to do it wipe it clean with a damp cloth of choice, and it clean again as new. This also saves you the time and energy spent on removing before cleaning.

For optimal satisfaction, this big sofa also comes with pillows that enhanced the attractiveness and convenience of the sofa. It as well features modern square arms coupled with its plush premium fabric for continuous satisfaction.

Likewise, it possesses a quick tool-free to assemble features, so you get to conveniently set it up without must hassle.

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Product highlights

  • Doesn’t need a tool to set up
  • Comes with easy-to-clean premium quality leather
  • It possesses two comfy decorative pillows
  • Sturdy and matured design
  • It possesses the modern square arm
  • Come with great support
  • It also a pet-friendly leather furniture

3. Keet Deluxe Dog Bed Set – Best couch for dog owners

Keet Deluxe Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed SetThe Keet Deluxe graces the stage as a unique Dog Bed Set.

The benefits derived from this sofa validate it as one of the best couch for dog owners.

It’s one of the few orthopedic sofas out there.

And this medical feature helps users derive some health benefits available through the orthopedic feature.

The appearance of this sofa is such an inviting one. This is due to its homely design coupled with its long-lasting furniture made of a suitable wooden frame.

Aside from the sofa’s orthopedic feature, it also possesses a high-quality Memory Form that is known to provide optimal comfort.

To ensure that users get the best, this sofa comes as an easy to clean feature. And this is made possible through its stain-resistant suede zipping cushion.

With the aim to give consumers the highest level of satisfaction attainable, the sofa also comes with matching pillows for enhanced comfort.

Likewise, toys and similar colored mats also come with the sofa. Without a doubt, the sofa possesses one of the most durable sofa fabric out there.

This sofa is, however, ideal for the various type of medium and large dog bread with size up to 40Lbs — likewise, its overall dimension of help the sofa to provide reliable support for pets.

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Product highlights

  • The sofa comes with a high-quality wooden frame
  • Orthopedic features
  • Memory Form composition
  • Easy to clean and stain-resistant suede material
  • Removable cover with zipper
  • It comes with adequate capacity to support dog weight up to 40Lbs.

4. Victoria Classic Rolled Arm Sofa – Best leather sofa for dogs

Victoria Classic Rolled Arm Sofa Tri-tone Warm BrownThe Victoria classic rolled arm sofa is doubt an exquisite sofa for users with class.

Its overall appearance gives users the perception of a luxury lifestyle.

Despite being a sofa, it comes with a large sitting area capable of accommodating three individuals conveniently.

Aside from that, it also possesses ergonomic features that help it offer enhanced comfort.

A unique aspect of the Victoria Classic Rolled Arm Sofa is the comfort and accompanied support it offers.

It comes with It leather brown 1.8 density form capable of withstanding the weight of any user.

Likewise, the tightly wrapped brown leather around the seat gives it a firm feel and makes it offer more comfort when using it.

The sofa material consists of premium quality leather cover and rubberwood. However, a unique consideration by the producer of this sofa is its removable seat features.

And this comes in handy when users wish to clean it or move it around. Likewise, in addition to its removable cushion seat, it also comes as a sofa that can be assembled.

It is one of those few sofas that come with decorative molding as well as a distinctly placed nailhead for enhanced attractiveness.

Likewise, it falls among the sofa having button tufted tri-tone leather. For enhanced support and durability, the sofa also possesses a spring base.

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Product highlights

  • It comes with a classic and elegant design
  • Removal cushion seat
  • Sinuous spring base
  • Decorative nailhead
  • Button tufted tri-tone leather material

5. Furniture of America Adelle Convertible Sofa/Futon

Furniture of America Adelle Convertible Sofa/Futon, BlackThe furniture of the American Adelle convertible sofa is proof that sofas come in various shapes and sizes.

They also come with different levels of comforts.

This sofa as its name implies grace the comfy sofa platform as a convertible one.

And this means its backrest can be dropped back to level up with the sitting section.

This way, it can contain more users or ideally used as a comfortable bed.

Furthermore, its upholstery features bi-cast high-quality black leather that breathes comfort.

However, its comfort capacity is further strengthens by its deep and high cushion which also makes the sofa a form of welcoming bed to try out.

Considering the structure and versatility of this convertible sofa, it producers ensured it comes with powerful, clean and chrome-plated stand, or legs as some would like to call it.

This black convertible sofa also comes with two strategically placed legs toward the rear of the sofa. This helps reinforce support already provided by the font chrome-plated legs of the sofa.

This attractive sofa which also doubles as a bed contains solid wood that makes up a superb internal frame for the sofa. It requires assembling and also come as an easy to clean sofa.

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Product highlights

  • It’s a convertible sofa that can also double as a bed
  • It comes with great support and balance compared to others
  • It possesses a comfortable cushion that enhances optimal relaxation
  • It requires assembly, which is good for mobility

6. Darby Sectional Sofa – Best couch for dogs that shed

Darby Sectional Sofa with Wide Chaise WhiteThe Darby section sofa is no doubt a desire of many.

And this can be traced down to the unconstrained comfort derivable from the sofa.

When considering a sofa that is capable of containing a handful of people conveniently the Darby sectional sofa is sure a preferred option.

However, you need not underestimate the comfort it offers due to its big size.

It possesses a high-quality cushion that enhances the comfort derivable from it.

The couch is also firm, and this optimal aid relaxation of the users. The firmness of the couch also prevents sinking gin of the user to avoid bring about any form of discomfort.

Aside from the comfort feature of the sofa already mentioned, it also comes with an enhanced headrest.

And this comfy headrest ensures your upper body, including the neck and head, get to experience real relaxation like other parts of your body.

Furthermore, the headrest comes with the option of tilting up and down for better comfort and convenience as deemed fit by users.

As if that isn’t enough, the Darby sectional sofa also comes with a wide Chaise for better satisfaction of users. Likewise, it falls among the sofas that come with an assembling option.

Unlike some sofas out there, this Darby sofa comes with perfect internal padding to further enhanced comfort.

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Product highlights

  • It is a sectional sofa with a wide chaise
  • It requires assembling
  • Conforms perfectly with body curves
  • It comes with internal padding for enhanced comfort
  • Adjustable headrest

7. American Eagle Furniture Upholstered Leather Sofa

American Eagle Furniture Upholstered Leather SofaTalking of elegant sofas, the American Eagle Furniture Upholstered Leather Sofa is sure one of them.

It’s a kind of sofa that is capable of transforming any living space.

Its overall dimension measures 82″Width X 38″Height X 36″Depth and Weighs up to 135 Lbs.

This sturdy sofa comes with great support aided by its premium quality stainless steel legs.

Though, the legs are removable as it brings some level of convenience when moving it.

This sofa possesses an irresistible appearance due to its innovative craftsmanship. Its exquisite bonded leather is seamlessly worn over its structure, making it fit perfectly with the sofa.

And looking further underneath the compelling cover of the sofa is the comfy PVC form that forms the inside of this attractive looking sofa.

The sofa’s foam is undoubted of high quality, and also extends to the armrest section of the sofa.

The American Eagle Furniture Upholstered Leather Sofa is also an easy-to-clean one. And this is possible due to its smooth and sleek leather surface.

Nonetheless, its structure helps users to comfortably lean back as required for optimal relaxation. It conveniently accommodates three individual, and also possess comfy pillow top armrest.

In totality, this sofa is a good option to try out for maximum comfort.

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Product highlights

  • Attract structure and physical appearance
  • Top quality leather cover
  • Comfy pillow top armrest
  • Comfortably accommodate three people
  • Produce with premium quality foam
  • Its legs require assembling

8. Office Star Modern Leather Sofa – Durable couches for pets

Office Star Modern Leather Sofa with Cherry Finish Legs, BlackThis sofa brings back the reality that there is a suitable sofa that best fit for home use and also for office use.

The office star modern leather sofa comes with an elegant compact structure.

Though some might see it as a sofa not ideal to be used at home, the fact is that it is specially designed to be used in an office environment.

Furthermore, whether at home or office, it happens to be a perfect option for waiting rooms.

Its solid look and construction, coupled with its great design help offer users the smart and straight-up sitting posture required of them in office areas.

It’s also a sofa built to be durable. And despite its firm body, it still offers an unimaginable level of convenience for users.

For enhanced convenience and comfort, this sofa’s firm backrest innovatively comes as a thick [added seat. Its black among others also makes it stand out.

For better support and balancing, it features strong cherry finish legs that are stronger than it looks. The sofa can as well withstand up to 675 LB weight limit.

Like it was said earlier, the Office Star Modern Leather Sofa with Cherry Finish Legs come with a firm backrest.

However, this ensures the user sits elegantly and smartly in an office environment.

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Product highlights

  • Smart looking and great design
  • Strong and durable
  • Ideal for office environs
  • Comes with a thick padded seat
  • Maximum weight capacity is 675 lb

Best Leather Sofa For Dog Owners Buying Guide

In recent times, it has become necessary to access helpful information for one to take a certain decision. And this is also applicable when trying to get the best dog sofa or dog lounge bed among others.

So, irrespective of how busy one might be or the urge to quickly get to buy a sofa, having a relevant tip remains the only way to get the best buy.

Fortunately, this piece will be unveiling essential and reliable information that is sure of guiding you in getting the best buy on any dog-friendly sofa.

The Essential Consideration in Buying a Dog-friendly Sofa

So, to start with, here are factors to consider when buying a sofa:

Is the sofa going to be used by pet and human:

This happens to be a vital consideration often overlooked by buyers. The fact that some pet owners like having their pets use the same sofa with them doesn’t guarantee other pert owners like it. But you know what you need, and that should be the basis of getting that dog-friendly sofa that you have always dreamed of.

Cover of the sofa:

Some pet owner desires to get the best leather sofa for dogs, while others go for the most durable sofa fabric. However, this comes down to the personal taste of buyers, but the right things to do at this point it easy-to-clean features and durable of any sofa you want to get.

Size of the sofa:

Are you going to be using the sofa with your dog? Do you have more than one dog? How big is your dog? These are the question you must answer before you can decide the size of the sofa you want. Getting a large dog sofa bed will, of course, comes in handy if you have more than one dog or you prefer to use the sofa with your dog. Also, the available space you have in your living space should also be a determinant in choosing a suitable sofa. However, if you big dogs, getting an extra-large dog couch won’t be a bad idea.

The texture of the sofa Foam – best dog couch material:

The texture of the sofa’s foam determines a lot when it comes to optimal relaxation and comfort. You, however, need to know that the softness or hardness of a sofa doesn’t determine its durability, but they can determine the level of comfort derivable from a sofa. For those who wish to get the best couch material for big dogs, it’s advisable to go for a harder and sturdy dog-friendly sofa.

Will the sofa be cleanable or not?:

To enhance hygiene in any living space, it is advisable to always go for an easy-to-clean sofa. This way, you get to clean dog hair from the sofa with ease. A removal sofa cover is also an ideal option to try out. Irrespective of the sofa being leather or fabric-based cover, the fact that it comes with a removable option makes its cleaning more easily.

Structure and frame of the sofa:

Findings show that investing in a sofa with a quality frame and structure can enhance the comfort and durability of your sofa. For instance, going for a solid hardwood-based sofa is an ideal option, just like some prefer it for their dog proof furniture.

Which color to choose:

The resounding question here is ‘Do you desire your sofa to perfectly blending or a standout at a glance. Without a doubt, color is essential in making your sofa fit in. Likewise, beyond the comfortable feature of a sofa, quite a handful of people also go for it to add beauty to their living space.

Though there is no all-perfect color for all, and this is because every individual mostly has a distinct taste to a different thing. Likewise, they are also attracted by different factors.

However, in this scenario, the right color sofa or couch for dogs will be the one that fascinates you more. After all, the reason for this buying guide is for you to end up with the sofa that gives you optimal satisfaction.

Sofa assembling option:

Some sofa comes with the option of assembling or dissembling them. While some are just stand-alone or the whole sofa. These two categories come with their advantages and disadvantages for users. The sofa that comes with assembling features will, of course, offer some level of convenience.

For instance, getting big pet-friendly leather furniture maybe a little cumbersome when moving from one place to another. Nonetheless, if it has assembling features, moving it around can become an easier task. However, on the contrary, some would prefer a stand-alone sofa to avoid the stress of coupling different parts together.

Precaution When Buying Dog Sofa Online

Aside from knowing what type of sofa to buy, whether it has a dog-proof fabric or a cheap dog sofa, it becomes more important to cautious about the process of buying. However, here are some when finally making the ‘buy’ decision.

  • It is always advisable to be physically present at the store you have decided to patronize. This will help you verify what you are buying first-hand, to nullify any chances of regret.
  • When buying from online stores, ensure to make necessary enquires making payment. And this includes checking reviews and ratings of the online store you intend transacting with.

Tips in managing pet sofa

  • Aside from bushing or cleaning the sofa, also ensure to vacuum clean it for enhanced cleanliness.
  • Using an external sofa cover can help protect leather couch from dog scratches. And these, in turn, help with the durability of the sofa and also preserve its attractiveness.
  • Despite having your dogs or pets living in-house with you, it’s always advisable to have a separate spot and sofa for them.
  • Also, ensure to keep your pet clean as expected. This will enhance the healthy coexistence of both humans and pets.

You, however, you should note that the above are just a few out of the numerous ways of managing pet and their sofa within an abode.


The availability of this buying guide will undoubtedly give you an edge in choosing the right sofa you desire. However, having gone through this buying guide, making decisions satisfactorily regarding dog-friendly sofas will become an easy task. But to quickly chip this in, any desired dog sofa of your choice can also be used outside.

However, this can only play out well you can lay your hand on of the best outdoor dog houses that can conveniently accommodate both the dog and the sofa. Nonetheless, when you need to get a sofa that will serve your needs, ensure you consider convenience, comfort, durability, and attractiveness.