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Best Chew Proof Dog Beds 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Chew Proof Dog Beds 2018Are you worried about finding a suitable chew proof dog bed for your dog which survives against the sharp teeth?

Is there really any bed on the market that can not be chewed?

Is it possible to sustain beds from every chewer dog like small, medium and large?

Well, best chew proof dog beds are just as cozy and comfy as the less durable designs and save a lot of hassle and money in the long-term.

In fact, a chew resistant dog bed is one of the must-have products for a new puppy… or even the older dog that continues to destroy everything within its reach.

Chewing is a natural action for puppies, and one of their favorite pastimes, and if you are a new puppy parent, you will certainly be surprised by the amount of destructive damage their little teeth do.

Certain dog breeds are more destructive than others and never seem to tire of chewing stuff (especially those bred to hunt or herd), which makes it that much more difficult to find tough dog beds, bedding, or soft toys that are not ravished within minutes.


If you are the owner of a new puppy or adult dog that STILL chews everything in sight, the dog beds for dogs that chew reviewed on this page are sure to make life that much easier.

Best Chew Proof Dog Beds 2020

PictureNamePriceEditor Rating
chew-proof-dog-bedBolstered TUFF Orthopedic Bed by K9 BallisticsCheck Price4.5 out of 5
chew-proof-dog-bedK9 Ballistics Round TUFF Dog BedCheck Price4.6 out of 5
chew-proof-dog-bedKuranda Dog Bed – All Aluminum (Silver) – Indoor/Outdoor – Ballistic Fabric – ChewproofCheck Price4.9 out of 5
chew-proof-dog-bedIndoor Outdoor Easy Clean All Year Plastic Pet Bed with Soft Pad by FavoriteCheck Price4.9 out of 5
chew-proof-dog-bedChew Resistant Heavy-Duty Pillow Bed by KONGCheck Price4.5 out of 5
chew-proof-dog-bedK9 Ballistics TUFF Bed Crate PadCheck Price4.1 out of 5
chew-proof-dog-bedK9 Ballistics Original TUFF BedCheck Price4.2 out of 5
chew-proof-dog-bedBRINDLE Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet BedCheck Price4.9 out of 5

Best chew proof dog bed reviews in 2020

Not all dog beds are built the same. Certain luxury dog beds are built with a dog’s destructive habits in mind. For instance, the nonchewable dog bed manufactured in high-strength materials like 1680 denier ballistic or military-grade nylon is a practical choice.

Here are some of the top-rated chew proof dog bed options in the market:

Bolstered TUFF Orthopedic Bed by K9 Ballistics
k9 ballistics dog bed

The Bolstered TUFF Orthopedic Bed is definitely worth the money and your dog will soon find hundreds of comfortable positions to stay sleeping all night through.

This attractive and stylish K9 ballistics dog bed looks great in the home and sized small (18 inches by 24 inches by 5 inches) to large (40 inches by 68 inches by 5 inches) for all dog breeds.

Even if you’ve had a puppy or older dog that has chewed a hole in its last bed, the high-quality 1680 denier Ripstop ballistic fabric is easily able to stand up to most light chewing abuse.

Plus, this canvas-like fabric is smooth and easy to clean with liquids sliding right off. A comfortable, easy to clean, and chew proof dog bed that is among the best of its type.

Product highlights

  • A practical orthopedic dog bed intended for those that have a tendency for light digging or chewing
  • Strong and reliable 1680 denier Ripstop Ballistic Nylon to resist scratching, chewing, odors, dirt, hair, and water
  • 5 inches thick and comfortable orthopedic mattress (3.5-inch layer of a dense foam/1.5 inch of memory foam)
  • 90-day chew proof guarantee (free replacement of the cover)

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K9 Ballistics Round TUFF Dog Bed

chew proof dog bedThe best way to stop your dog to chew the beds and destroying it then the best option is to bring an ultimate chew proof dog bed for your pet. This will help you to reduce the chewing habit of your dog. But of course, you are thinking that these beds will be so expensive and maybe it will be out of your reach.

But stop thinking like that K9 presents cheap dog beds with a high quality material. These beds are made up of supreme quality ballistic fabrics which make it chew proof and save bed from scratches.

These beds are best for those dogs who like to chew and for those owners who are tired of being buying other ordinary so-called chew proof dog beds.

The bed is filled with 100% pure polyester which makes it soft and comfortable when your dog sits on the bed. It is machine washable and becomes new when washed and will not lose its quality as most of the other bed’s cover becomes after one wash.

In the manufacture and the selection of material in the manufacture of bed, it is kept in mind that, that type of material will be chosen for manufacture which is water resistant, odor, hair, and dirt resistant.

So it’s time to save time and money and buy K9 Ballistics Round TUFF Dog beds and feel free for a lifetime. As it will prevent your dog from chewing and provide your pet with a real meaning of comfort and relaxing feeling.

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Kuranda Dog Bed – All Aluminum (Silver) – Indoor/Outdoor – Most Durable Dog Bed

best dog beds for chewersAre you looking for a hard and strong bed for your dog at reasonable prices? But you fail to find any and if found then a low-quality bed which your dog destroys it by chewing it.

Every time when you buy a new but ordinary chew proof dog bed from the market you believe it will be the best and when your dog chews it and cut it with its sharp teeth then you realize that it was just a waste of money which you bought.

So buy Kuranda cheap dog beds and feel free from any sought of new expense. These beds are made up of strong aluminum which makes it strong and hard. The bed’s frame is made up of high-quality stainless steel which is impossible to chew and break. The base of the bed is made up of special quality ballistic fabric which is scratch-free and chews proof.

If one talks about structure and manufacturing the legs and sides are of aluminum and base is of ballistic which is folded inside the sides in such proficiency that it does not appears on the sides which discourage chewing.

If you are thinking that the bad is of high quality and perfect but high in price then you are wrong because the Kuranda Dog beds are no doubt made with high quality material and are super quality but the price of beds are very low these are cheap dog beds with high quality.

So stop wasting your money on ordinary beds and buy the stylish and top quality Kuranda chew proof dog bed and let your dog feel a real comfort.

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Indoor Outdoor Pet Bed with Soft Pad – Best plastic dog beds
dog beds for dogs that chew

The Favorite Indoor Outdoor Plastic Pet Bed is an interesting design with its lightweight resin, making it quick and easy to clean. A nice little padded mat is included which is soft and comfortable.

It is plenty big enough for small to medium-sized dogs and measures 24 inches by 18 inches with a back height of 8 inches.

The hard plastic shell of this tear proof dog bed means it is easily able to stand up to any rough treatment.

A comfortable and attractive bed that is easy to clean and one of the cheap dog beds that stays looking great at all times.

Product highlights

  • Durable and premium plastic makes this unchewable dog bed break proof and bite-resistant
  • Practical for dogs up to 17 lbs
  • Ventilated base to prevent the build up of water or dirt and keeps bedding fresh
  • Great for summer or winter with its versatile design

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Chew Resistant Heavy-Duty Pillow Bed – Kong chew proof dog bed
chew resistant dog bed

The Chew-Resistant Pillow Bed is built to be tough, durable and is easily able to stand up to the roughest dogs. Even though the fabric is tough, it is still extremely comfortable and your dog will certainly want to sleep on it.

The chew-resistant nature of this tear resistant dog bed means it is practical for the mischievous dogs, but shouldn’t be seen as entirely chew proof – it is still necessary to monitor your dog for best results.

This bed is able to stand up to a most of the abuse your dog dishes out and still looks good.

Product highlights

  • Practical for medium to large dogs with a total size of 40 inches by 30 inches by 10 inch
  • Easily removable cover to allow for machine washing
  • Reversible cover so swappable in the event of one side looking worn
  • Its zip is concealed on the lower half of the bed
  • Convenient quick grab handle in place

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K9 Ballistics TUFF Bed Crate Pad – Best Indestructible Dog Bed

best dog beds for chewersIf you thinking to take your dog with you in a car or staying at home or programming a campaign trip to somewhere your dog need a real comfort and relaxing bed. K9 Ballistics TUFF Bed Crate Pad is the best choice and suitable product for your dog.

These are cheap dog beds in price which are made up of high quality fabrics. The ballistic material used in the manufacture of these dog beds are specially designed for heavy duty of use. This material is water resistant that it will protect your dog’s bed from getting wet.

Are you also worried about the chewing bed by your dog which damage bed’s service and cuts it down? Then don’t worry now because TUFF Bed Crate Pad is one of the best indestructible dog bed.

These are designed with such a high quality material which is a dog take in mouth and chew it with its sharp teeth then it will not cut. The main reason behind this is, these beds are made of a high quality elastic material which never tore or get cuts.

It also saves your dogs bed from other cuts which may be made by your children or some time getting through any sharp thing while moving it.

So if your dog has a habit of chewing its toys and bed then here is the best product which is TUFF Crate chew proof dog bed which will help you to stop the chewing habit of your dog.

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 K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Bed

K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Bed

Are you worried about your dog’s bed and tired of purchasing a new bed for your dog after few days? Is your dog is habitual of chewing beds sides and made cuts in it? Then let’s solve your problem by bringing the K9 Ballistics original TUFF Bed home today.

K9 is offering a cheap dog beds in price but of high quality material which make it chew proof dog bed. Talking about the material used in the bed, the bed is made up of high quality ballistic fibers which are often used in those products which are used frequently. The ballistic fiber makes this product chew proof and of course, it will save your dog’s bed from cuts and sharp teeth.

It on one side is chew proof, on the other hand, it safe bed from other sharp things and reduce the chances of cutting. The best thing about it is the bed is easy to wash and is waterproof because it is dually stitched by the expert tailors.

This dog bed is best for those dogs that have a high habit of chewing and damages many beds. Now you can purchase these beds in 5 different colors which are black, white, red, green, and light blue.

On one side you have a choice of different colors, on the other hand, you can buy this product in 5 different sizes whichever is suitable for your dog.

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BRINDLE Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

BRINDLE Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet BedA comfortable rest place is for every dog but it’s become worse when your dog chews his bed and tore into pieces. There is a solution to this problem now you can stop your dog from chewing of the bed and doing mess with it.

BRINDLE brings a new product to the market which will really solve your problem. They bring a chew proof dog bed which will save your money and gives you a rid of spending lots of money on ordinary beds. These beds are made up of such outstanding material that you will never ever think about other products.

BRINDLE on one side is committed to providing a quality product while on the other hand provide cheap dog beds which can easily be bought by anyone. The bed is made up of two foams.

Totally it is 4 inch high in which 2 inch memory foam is used which makes it soft and comfortable while in bottom 2 inch thick support foam is used which gives support to bed and saves it from getting flat and unstable.

The cover used in the bed is made up of high quality fabrics which if washed in the machine will not leave its quality and you will find it just like new after washing it.

So stop thinking about old fashion ordinary dog beds which are expensive but low in quality and bring BRINDLE cheap dog beds which are high quality beds and are chew proof beds. You can buy these beds in three different sizes and in three different styles according to your room setting.

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Does your dog need a chew proof dog bed?

Does this situation sound familiar? You buy your teething puppy or anxious adult a comfy place to sleep, and in no time it is ripped to shreds with stuffing everywhere. Some dogs just aren’t able to resist abusing their bed. If that is the case with your dog, it is time to get serious.

Whether you have a difficult puppy or a troubled adult, there are several practical steps to help extend the usable life of any chew proof dog bed:

  • Give your dog plenty of physical and mental exercise, especially if planning to crate your dog
  • Interrupt the first signs of destructive behavior and redirect your dog to an appropriate chewing toy
  • Use puzzle toys or similar to keep your dog entertained while you are away
  • Limit time alone or break-up of a long day with a drop-in visitor a dog walker
  • Apply a bitter apple stray to local surroundings to help curb a dog wish to gnaw

What factors to look for in the best chew proof dog beds?

When in search of the toughest chew proof dog blanket, pad or bed for your four-legged friend, you want to recognize a few important things:

Is indestructible dog bed comfortable?

An indestructible dog bed is built with fabrics more taunt and durable than alternatives in micro-suede or cotton; however, they are created for the more destructive dogs in mind. These unique dog beds include the favorite styles such as the traditional pillow dog bed, orthopedic dog beds and bolster dog beds. So, whether the naughty dog is young or old, you will find a tough chew dog bed in a preferred style and a choice of fabrics.

What kind of chewer is your dog?

Tenacity and breed of dogs have a huge influence in determining the right level of durability and toughness. For the existing owners, you will probably know the toughness required if you own a chewing dog. The best sofa for dogs can range from chew-proof to chew-resistant. Each type has its own great qualities to match the pet’s needs. For instance, some dogs just love to rip out the mysterious clumps inside the bed, while others love to eat the zippers. There is a chew proof crate or cover that is impenetrable, with no zipper, or those for the less destructive, but still regularly scratches or digs at their bed.

Is scratch proof dog bed washable?

Your dog will be spending a lot of time sleeping in its private quarters. So it is imperative to know how quick and easy it is to clean. After a playful run, your dog will bring in sticks, leaves, and dirt, as well as leaving behind fur, smells, and potentially fleas. Any chew proof dog bed cover is made of the toughest of materials which is good to protect against a dog’s destructive nature, but it must also be easy to clean and maintain.

Let your dog stretch out

Even though dogs like to curl up and get cozy, a dog bed should still be spacious enough to give room to stretch out and stay comfortable when it gets hot. Simply measure your dog while fully stretched out and add an extra 6-12 inches for the correct size.

Is there a warranty on the bite proof dog bed?

The warranty can play a huge role in different dog beds. Most of the bite proof dog bed options attract the higher price tag, so it is essential that an appropriate warranty is included to show the manufacturers stand behind their product and claims.

It is worth keeping in mind that no dog bed is 100% destruction proof for the most crafty and determined dog. But with a little training and the best dog bed to match your budget, your four-legged friend still gets to rest and rejuvenate in comfort. The bedding options that we have reviewed here are among the most resistant and certain to stand the test of time compared to the everyday, average dog bed that your pet can rip to shreds in a matter of minutes.

You can also make comments for any questions or clarification.

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