Is German Shepherds A Good Family Dog?

Is German Shepherds A Good Family Dog

Are you a dog lover? If yes, then you might have one at your home. Or if not, there is a possibility that you are planning to get one. With so many breeds out there, it is obvious that you are quite confused which breed to choose. Right?

Relax! In this post, we are going to talk about a popular breed ‘German Shepherds’ that are considered as a good family dog! Why?

Let’s Find Out – Why German Shepherds Considered As A Good Family Dog?

Amazing Characteristics – Calm nature and caring temperament characteristics make german shepherd an ideal family dog. Other than this, GSD is the most intelligent dog breed out there. They learn each and everything you want by giving them some training.

Protect and Respect their owner – GSD is known for protecting and respecting their owners because of their caring nature and positive attitude they possess towards their owners. With proper training, they will give the best protection to their owners from any intruder.

High on energy levels – German Shepherds are known for their activeness and high energy levels. With their stamina, they won’t get easily tired and children also love to play with the dogs because they are so active and playful.

Unmatched Loyalty – This breed of dog is known for its unmatched loyalty. They can do anything for their owners. They protect and serve them and can teach anything owner would like. With their ultimate loyalty, you can rely on them for your security needs.

Top Guards – With German Shepherds you are safe and secure. You need not worry about yours and your family members security. Because of their this trait, they have been serving police for decades. They are known as one of the leading guard dog breeds that are reliable and trustworthy.

Excellent companion – Because of their friendly and sweet behavior towards their owners and family members, they are excellent companions. However, they are not friendly and open-up with strangers, but with those they know, they serve excellent companion.

Healthy Dogs – If kept on a healthy diet, care, proper grooming, and care, they are generally healthy. So, just give them that and your pet will be healthy and wise.

Love Children- If you have children at your home, then also this breed is amazing as it loved children. However, for that make sure proper socialization training should be given at an early age. But, make sure your children should not interrupt them during eating.

Adaptable – Regardless of what lifestyle you have, GSD can easily adapt it. This is one of the best things about them. So, you can adjust your day as per your dog and they can adjust according to your lifestyle.

Take them for half an hour walk – If you want to keep your GSD healthy, take him out for a walk for at least 30 minutes. This will not only keep your pet healthy but make him an active member of your home.

Patience – This trait is another hallmark of GSD that makes it an amazing family dog. If you pull his fur, he is not likely to lose his temper. Because this breed is quite sharp minded it learns quickly.

Things to keep in mind

Don’t forget, if you have a small GSD puppy, don’t leave it untrained with small kids and if your GSD is grown up and you have small kids in your home, supervise both of them together. Remember, it’s better to play safe than sorry! Also, it’s important to arrange a bed for your german shepherds so that it can take rest when need. German shepherd crate training is also essential so that you can keep it sometime in the crate. Also, it’s help during traveling

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, there are many breeds available for the purpose of the family dog. But if you are looking for a loyal, energetic and courageous dog, then this is the right breed to go with. When you give them the right grooming, training, diet, and care, they become one of the loyal members of your family.

Lastly, GSD needs lots of activities both outdoor and indoor. They are the perfect family dog if you are looking for a gentle and loving pet.