How to Calm a Dog with Separation Anxiety

How to Calm a Dog with Separation AnxietyThe relationship does not only exist between humans, sometimes there is a relationship between pets and human especially with dogs which is considered as man’s best friend.

We can all say that being left alone is a painful matter. It is normal to feel being unwanted sometimes but we have to consider also that we are left behind for a purpose, for a certain reason.

The relationship between both humans and the relationship between man and a dog doesn’t differ too much, an animal also have emotions, they also feel those feelings that human may feel.

As a pet owner, these are the basic problems of owning pets with separation anxiety. There is a disorder which exists in some days that is called anxiety. It is a disorder which is caused by having the feeling that someone my left anytime.

As a pet owner, we can feel that a dog may also feel attached to us and because of that when we are about to leave they act like having tantrums. The feeling that they don’t want to be away from us is separation anxiety.

Let your dog be independent

There are a lot of ways on how to calm a dog with separation anxiety, one of those is we need to teach our dog on how to live at home without our presence.

By this, the dog will be independent and will be used to live without our presence. You can add a right size dog bed where your dog can wait for you when you are at work. This could give him a comfy feeling while dealing with his separation anxiety.

Train your dog

Calm a dog by disciplining them. Train your dog to sit back at the door when we are not around the house. Always leave a food when we are not at home for them to lessen the stress when we are not around.

But you have to choose wisely the food that you leave to your dog because this might make him an overweight dog.

Reward system

Use a reward system to train your dog. Always give your dog a reward whenever it finished or accomplished any given task. This will help your pet to boost and be energetic.

These activities also let the dogs obey you. Obedience is the best thing you need to teach your pet.

Whatever the mood of your pet you can still control them if you give them any task. So you can tell them to stay and behave when you are going to leave.

However, as a reward when your dog obeys you, give him a cozy cave dog bed when you get home. This type of bed is really rewarding for your dog because it makes him feel hugged and would give him a cozy feeling.

Show a body language

Dogs can tell what you really feel based on your body language. You can assure him that you will not leave him by looking him straight in the eyes and hug him before you leave.

By this, your dog can tell that you still love him despite missing your presence.

Let your dog socialize with neighbors

Give time to have a walk in the park to let your dog see other people. If he can see other people and other dogs, his attention will not be 100% on you anymore.

It can now be divided into other people and dogs he meets. In that way, your dog can be comfortable enough because he will realize that you are not the only person in the world.

Letting your dog socialize with other people could also minimize the risk of dog bites as your dog can familiarize your neighbor and friends. A dog usually bites if they do not know the person, so if you let them socialize, he can familiarize therefore he will not bite them.

Let him be part of the family

Although you are the owner of the dog and you are the one who purchases the dog, and you are the one who buys dog food, let your dog feel that he is the family dog, that he belongs to the family.

In this way, your dog can’t be indifferent to other members of the family. So whenever you are not in the house, he can play with your brother, sister and the rest of the family.


Let him experience like a king

Your dog will be satisfied being alone in the house if he can have that at ease feeling that no one can give except top rated orthopedic dog beds. This could make him feel like a king because of the soft feeling.

Your dog’s anxiety is not a small issue, so do not ignore it. Your dog deserves this orthopedic dog beds to just lessen his feeling of distress without your presence for the whole day. By this, he would love his place.

You cannot blame the dog if he has separation anxiety. Dogs also have emotions like humans. Since it is not his fault, you are there to support and guide him.

As a responsible pet owner, don’t let your dog feel alone. In the first place, you are the one who brings him to your home, so you must be the one to assure him that he has a real home.