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How to Clean Dog Bed Foam? An Ultimate Guide

Cleaning is important for any type of dog bed foam. It is good to provide your dog with a bed of foam but it is also important to keep it clean. With the passage of time, the bed of your dog will get dirty and you will find dirt and stains on it and other items which will indicate that the bed if dirty. You need to clean the bed and foam so that your dog could live in a safe place.

Leaving the dog bed dirty is bad for health and also not good looking. Here are some steps which you can use to clean the bed of your dog and make it like a new one. Before starting the cleaning process you must check the type of dog bed in your possession. If you have an extra large dog bed then you must need to clean all the parts as it may have many covers and many types of foam.

You can clean a simple dog bed without the removal of foam as it may have some flexible items instead of foams. Check the type of dog bed in your possession and apply the steps for cleaning it. The main thing is to keep the dog bed clean so that your dog could remain healthy.

It is not good to use dirty dog beds in your home. Dirty dog beds are bad for your health and also the health of your dog. Keep the dog beds clean and you will have benefits for many years.

Remove cover

First of all, you must remove the cover of the bed. Use the zipper of the dog bed and remove the foam from the cover. This step is simple as your dog bed will have a zipper in which the foam is located. For example, if you have an English bulldog bed, you can separate the foam and cover with the help of the zipper so that the cleaning process could begin.

Machine washing

You can use a machine for washing the cover and foam of the dog bed. Use cold water in the machine and mix it with detergent and then add the cover and foam of your dog bed. Use slow speeds so that the cover and foam could remain safe from wear and tear in the process of cleaning and washing in the machine.

Use hands for cleaning

When you have cleaned the dog bed in the machine then you must use hands in order to get more cleaning. Hands are helpful for targeting on certain spots on the cover and foam which are dirty. This will help you to eliminate dirt and keep the dog bed clean with ease. This step is helpful for giving shine and new looks for cover and foam of your dog bed.

Remove soap

You must make sure that you remove all the soap from the dog bed. You must use your hands and water in order to clean the dog bed when it is washed in machine and soap is used. Elimination of soap is important and water is best for this purpose.

You must use clean water for the removal of all the soap from the cover and foam of your dog bed. Continue to pour more water and rinse thoroughly so that all the soap could be eliminated. When all the soap is eliminated then this step is completed in the cleaning of your dog bed.

Dry the cover and mattress under sun

When cleaning your dog bed is done then you must dry it. Make sure to use sunlight in order to dry the dog bed. If you are using a dryer in the machine then it will lead to shrinking off the cover. If the cover is shrunk then it will not be used for holding the foam again in the perfect conditions.

Drying the cover and foam under the light of the sun is best as it will complete the drying process in a natural manner and give you a dry and clean dog bed with good cover and foam. This will help you to use the cover and foam again to make the dog bed without any problems of shrinking.

Prepare after drying

When the drying process is completed then you must use the cover and foam and place them together for making the dog bed. You must use the zip in order to get the same old look for the dog bed and have the items united together as these were before the process of cleaning.


You must use some scent in order to get good feelings and fragrance for the dog bed. If your detergent has good fragrance then you can use that, however, adding some more fragrance is always good for dog beds. You can use any type of fragrance and scent on the dog bed to give it good smells and nice feelings as per needs.


It is easy and simple to keep the dog bed clean. You may need to clean the dog bed again and again if your dog is making a lot of dirt in routine. If you have placed your dog bed in a dirty place then it will get dirty soon and you will need to get it clean in some time period.

You must make sure that your dog bed is not placed in a dirty place. You can place the dog bed in a clean place in any room of your choice so that it could remain clean for a long time period. Make sure that your dog bed could be separated in terms of covers and foams so that you can complete the steps for cleaning.

There are many types of dog beds that are in one piece and could be washed and cleaned without the use of the zipper. Some dog beds are having flexible items in them instead of foams and these could be washed in machines without removal of foams.

Check the types of beds you have for your dogs and follow the simple steps for cleaning them. Make sure that your best dog bed is clean all the time so that your dog could remain healthy.


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