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Dog Bed Sizes Guide: How to Pick the Right Size Dog Bed When you Buy

Most times, our dog is our best companion, having a bed to sleep on is a very important need for them. Most of us dog owners love our pets as more than a pet, we see and treat them just like our family. Our room might not be enough to accommodate them especially for the night sleep and this is a good reason for us to buy not just the dog bed, but the best size dog bed.

Now I know the question that often comes to our mind is how to pick the right size dog bed. Well, it’s not an issue because the good news is that there are different nice varieties of dog beds varying from size, styles and available materials. What is more important or let me say the daunting part is finding the best dog bed that suits your dog. For example, if your dog is small in size, you can just purchase the finest and best dog bed for your little dog. You can decide to get a small-sized circular or rectangular bed. Perhaps your choice is something with more pizzazz. Make the choice of a wide array of small-sized bed having sparkles on them. You can also choose the one made from a wicker basket. All these beds are much comfortable and convenient for your dog especially if you need to move them.

If your dog is a bit large in size, there are best dog beds for large dogs all available for them. Most of these beds look more like pillows in the sense that they can be well padded or not (depending on how you want it). When deciding on the best dog bed for your pet, just make sure you consider the size, location of your dog’s bedding, and the number of dogs to share the bed. For large dogs, you will have to consider buying one bed per dog or add an additional bed somewhere else in the house. If you want to buy the best dog bed for toy-sized or lap dogs, then its better you buy one large bed and let them share it. An average dog will sleep for at least twelve hours in a day, though some dog breeds sleep less than 18 hours a day. With your dog spending these numerous sleeping times, making proper research on how to pick the right dog bed size is necessary.

However, the fact is that dogs are light sleepers because they would wake up and then get back to sleep again. The amount of sleep for every dog is much dependent on its type. You won’t expect an insider dog and a working dog to spend the same amount of sleeping time. Of course, the working dog sleeps less, just as the older dogs sleep much than the younger ones. The type of environment you create for your dog will go a long way in impacting his sleep. Offering your dog a mat, blanket or bed in a much cool and secure area will help them get that peaceful and healthy sleep. Before you find an answer to how to pick the right size dog bed, you need to have prior knowledge of the available types of dog beds. There are different varieties available at the market, but let’s split them into the following classes.

  • BOLSTER BED: This type is one of the best dog beds that have a high back which allows your dog to feel comfortable, relaxed as well as secured. This best dog bed is just the perfect option for the breed of dogs that are easily frightened when approached from the back.
  • ORTHOPEDIC BED: This type of bed is much suitable for older dogs. It offers them extra comfort that helps lessen the stress on their joints. Orthopedic beds are often heated coupled with soft and conforming cushions.
  • NESTING / PILLOW BED: Nesting beds are the best choice for dogs that loves burrowing or nesting, their round shape is also coupled with the ability to be mechanically cleaned.
  • COT-STYLE BED: If your dog spends more time outside, then the cot-style bed is the best dog bed for her. It controls your dog’s temperature by making him cool in summer and a bit above cold floors during winter. They are weather evidence.
  • HEATED DOG BED: This bed type is your perfect choice if you reside in a cold place. They can also assist dogs who are just recovering from an illness or surgery.
  • COOLING BED: It is important you keep your dog cool in hot weather and this is where a cooling bed will fulfill your dog’s need.
  • DOG HOUSE / CRATE PAD: There are different available dog house and crate pads styles. It is important you have a pad in your dog crate or house especially when you are transporting him.

Dog Bed Sizes Guide

With the knowledge of the different dog beds, you can now move over to determine some factors necessary for consideration when searching for how to pick the right size dog bed.

Some of the factors include:

  • HOW BIG IS HE– lie your dog down, take his measurement and add twelve inches to make sure you buy the perfect bed size.
  • HIS WEIGHT– Knowing the weight of your dog will give you knowledge of the best fabric type that suits your dog. Heavier dogs will require more robust fabrics than lighter dogs.
  • HIS AGE– Your dog’s age will determine if an orthopedic bed is compulsory. Older dogs are much relaxed with an orthopedic bed than the younger ones.
  • ENVIRONMENT– Your dog’s environment is a greater determinant of the size and type of dog bed. Do you need a cooling or heating bed or probably both? Maybe your choice is a cot style or raised bed?

In conclusion, dogs spend more time sleeping, so furnishing them with the best dog bed and perfect size will give them that correct sleep as well as improve their health. So it is important you know the types of dog beds and also consider some factors when looking for how to pick the right size dog bed.