Best Orthopedic Dog Bed 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

I’m sure that several dog owners can confirm that canines can sleep anywhere. However, dogs are different and like human beings, they always develop special sleep needs. This demands a warm and comfortable bedding surface, thus making you acquire the best orthopedic dog bed for your pets.

Dogs spend most of their time sleeping so getting them the best bed will make them happy and comfortable. They also fear cold hence need warmth which they can get in these beds. And just to mention that dogs also age with time so they develop arthritis, joint, and muscle pains. With these problems, they require great support that comes with orthopedic dog beds.

Best Overall Orthopedic Dog BedBig Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed
Best Value Orthopedic Dog BedDogbed4less
Budget Friendly Orthopedic Dog BedThe Dog’s Balls Premium Memory Foam
Most Popular Orthopedic Dog BedMilliard Quilted Padded
Orthopedic Dog BedFAQ

Top 10 Best Orthopedic Dog Bed in 2020

1. Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra-Large Breed Dogs

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed


This bed is specifically designed for the large dog bed for that reason it’s not suitable for a small or medium-size dogs. They are available only in sizes of large, extra-large and giant double extra-large.

Constructed with the American made therapeutic foam, these beds don’t flatten over time. The foam is comfortable, durable and meets US Certification Standards for emissions, contents, durability, and contents. Therefore, they have the best quality foam for orthopedic dog beds.

Additionally, the high-quality handmade dog beds that are fixed by experienced craftsmen and craftswomen in California, USA. It’s an item of beautiful furniture with a velvety touch. Thus, it looks great in any house. Also, with its four colors of Khaki, Charcoal Gray, Chocolate and Burgundy; the bed can blend perfectly with any home.

They offer amazing joint support for your dogs. Thus, they will keep them youthful for longer and bring your older dogs back to their best. They are probably the best orthopedic bed for large dogs.

They are machine washable and have zippered non-shrink microfiber covers that come off easily for easy cleaning. Further, the beds have durable covers made with strong microfiber to resist against digging and nesting.

Product highlights

  • Incredible Support and Comfort
  • Ease of Cleaning

2. Dogbed4less Orthopedic Gel Infused Cooling Memory Foam Dog Bed for Small, Medium to Large Pet

Dogbed4less Orthopedic Gel Infused Cooling Memory Foam Dog Bed for Small, Medium to Large Pet


This highest quality bed is constructed with premium materials; high-density memory foam, heavyweight cover, smart features, and premium construction. Therefore, it gives your pup several years of support and comfort. With it for your canine friend, you will appreciate the excellent value for your money. The 32lbs solid foam promotes better sleep and healthy joint for your dog. It is one of the best orthopedic memory foam dog beds for large dogs.

With its 40-inch length and 35-inch width thickness, this orthopedic dog bed is ideal for medium to large breed dogs. When you buy it, you get one durable brown Micro Suede cover and a single zippered waterproof interior cover. The waterproof liner protects the memory foam from any spills.

Also, it has a solid 4-inch gel memory foam insert pad and an extra bonus of brown suede outside cover that is non-slip. The bonus exterior cover helps a lot during the cleaning time of the cover.

Additionally, the memory foam is Hypo-Allergenic, hence, it is highly resistant to molds, mildews, bacteria, and dust mites. The exterior suede cover is also dirt, stain, and wrinkle resistant. Besides, the external cover is machine washable and safe for the dryer.

Product highlights

  • Waterproof Liner
  • External Suede Cover
  • High-density foam
  • Extra Bonus External Cover

3. The Dog’s Balls Premium Memory Foam Dog Beds

The Dog's Balls Premium Memory Foam Dog Beds


It comes with a durable oxford fabric. With its high quality and premium grade luxury memory foam as well as support foam, it offers the best sleep for your dog. Then it gives a uniform and contour-balanced support thus the best rated orthopedic dog bed.

It has thick memory foam which is an essential feature in an orthopedic dog bad because it improves sleep; relieves painful pressure points and maximum support. It’s ideal for elderly dogs and those with arthritis and other joint issues.

Besides, the bed is waterproof so effective dogs prone to bladder leakage our beds are perfect as prone to bladder leakage. The orthopedic dog bed has a waterproof removable internal lining that protects the bed from accidents and other issues. Additionally, the beds are fully machine washable.

It offers an outstanding medical grade orthopedic support for dogs. It gives them therapeutic comfort for muscle stiffness, arthritis pain, hip dysplasia, and aching joints. Therefore, it provides your dog with maximum comfort as well as a sound sleep at night.

This bed is suitable for all dogs of any age especially those who like stretching out and lazing about. It offers them perhaps the most comfortable and luxurious sleeping bed in the world.

Product highlights

  • Premium memory foam and support foam
  • Medical grade orthopedic support
  • Waterproof lining
  • Washable covers

Milliard Quilted Padded Orthopedic Dog Bed


This dog bed is fixed with long-lasting egg crate luxe foam to give ultimate comfort and support. The egg crate makes it one of the good orthopedic beds for dogs with arthritis. The egg crate foam is also thick and doesn’t bottom out over time.

In addition, it features a thick pillowtop layer that provides extra cozy comfort and luxury for dogs of all ages. Again, it fits a standard dog crate, hence it can add comfort to the crate be used as a standalone bed.

The beds need easy care. Dogs can get accidents but being machine washable, you don’t have to worry about the stress and mess. The cover is zipped so when you are ready to clean, just unzip it then put in the washing machine for convenient cleaning.

Also, the bed is made with a non-slip bottom to offer security. Therefore, the small rubber grips on its bottom assist in preventing slips and falls. Furthermore, this orthopedic dog bed is available in three sizes which are small, medium and extra-large. Thus, you must pick the perfect fit for your dog and your crate.

Product highlights

  • Quilted pillow top
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Machine Washable
  • Waterproof

5. FurHaven Pet Dog Bed – Affordable orthopedic dog bed Available in Multiple Colors & Styles

FurHaven Pet Dog Bed – Available in Multiple Colors & Styles


These are affordable orthopedic dog beds that are perfect for cuddling. The beds are made with three-bolster designs that provide your dogs with the opportunity to sleep in various positions. Again, they have enough space for the pets to rest their heads and convenient corners for nesting dogs to burrow into.

Furhaven pet dog bed features smooth quilted materials for the cushion and bolters. This guarantees supreme amplified comfort. The fabric is mild on paws and noses, thus, it embraces your dogs in soft and silken snuggles.

The orthopedic dog beds are also easy on joints. With the egg-crate orthopedic foam base, the beds can evenly distribute the dogs’ body weight to calm their pressure points. Also, the fluffy railings offer aid and support for the dogs’ aching joints. Additionally, the beds are made accessible for both disabled and elderly pets. Hence, they serve perfectly as orthopedic beds for senior dogs.

Moreover, the pet beds come in variations to choose from. First, there are four colors including four silver gray, toasted brown, Wine Red, and Navy. Besides, there are five different sizes namely small, medium, large, Jumbo and Jumbo Plus. With that in mind, you can measure your dog’s dimensions and choose a perfect fit for it.

Product highlights

  • Multiple Colors and Varied Sizes
  • Bolstered
  • Egg-crate orthopedic foam base
  • Smooth quilted cushion materials

6. eLuxurySupply Deluxe Cluster Fiber Filling Dog Beds

eLuxurySupply Deluxe Cluster Fiber Filling Dog Beds


With its 3 sizes in small, medium and large/XL, these high-quality orthopedic dog beds are ideal fits for all dogs. The beds come with replacement covers which are pure cotton, have covered zipper and decorative piping.

They are also pre-shrunk, removable and machine washable. Therefore, they are easy to clean and won’t fade or shrink in the wash. You just remove the dog bed cover by unzipping it then clean in the machine in cold water and without bleach.

The quality of the product is awesome, yet they are cheap orthopedic dog beds. You get exactly what is advertised so your dog will obviously love it. Besides, it is supportive for dogs with arthritis, joint pains, and muscle stiffness.
If you want an affordable yet effective dog bed for your pet, then stop searching around and try this orthopedic bed.

Product highlights

  • Cotton Removable Cover
  • Fully Washable

7. Serta Ortho Quilted Couch Pet Bed

Serta Ortho Quilted Couch Pet Bed


With its couch-like bolster surrounding the base on three sides, it offers extra support and provides your dog with a place to rest its head.

The orthopedic couch bed is also assembled in the USA. The quality is great thus can last for long. There are varied colors to select. Therefore, you can take your favorite color that can best coordinate your house décor.

Furthermore, it has an egg crate design which amplifies the airflow. Hence, it warrants your pet a more restful sleep. One more unique quality is its convoluted orthopedic foam. The Serta quality ortho foam offers matchless comfort and support. It also offers dogs relief from joint pressure distress.

This bed also has a removable cover that is safe for machine washable. You just need to easily unzip it then launder it in the washing machine.

The luxury couch pet bed provides a protective bolster that is designed perfectly for dogs with a preference to snuggle as they sleep. The dog beds feature a plush surface which is the peak of comfort for any dog, irrespective of its sleeping style.

Product highlights

  • Upholstery grade fabrics
  • Pressure relieving Ortho foam
  • Machine washable removable cover
  • Eco-poly filled bolsters

8. Big Barker Mini with 4″ Pillow – Deluxe orthopedic dog bed

Big Barker Mini with 4 Pillow – Deluxe orthopedic dog bed

This is an orthopedic dog bed designed especially standardized for small size and medium size dogs. Constructed with the highest quality American made foam. Therefore, it will not flatten or pancake over time.

Additionally, it is handmade in the USA by expert craftsmen. Therefore, it is the best dog bed for small and medium-size dogs with top-notch quality. In addition, the deluxe orthopedic dog bed is easy to clean and machine washable. It has a 100% microfiber cover that is soft to touch and appealing to the eye. Therefore, it will look great in any home.

This bed molds well to your dog’s body. It can stretch out and the orthopedic dog bed will spread its weight perfectly so that it relaxes and get relief from joint and muscle pains. Additionally, the bed is bacteria resistant, toxin-free and hypoallergenic and toxin-free. Thus, your dog can sleep in a safe place.

Product highlights

  • 100% microfiber
  • American made Max 7 foam
  • Bacteria resistant, toxin-free and hypoallergenic

9. instecho First-Quality 5″ Thick Orthopedic Dog Bed – Ideal for Aging Dogs

instecho First-Quality 5 Thick Orthopedic Dog Bed – Ideal for Aging Dogs

Designed in the USA, the thick orthopedic dog bed offers supreme comfort. Therefore, your dog will love it. It is 6-inch thick, and it gently cushions pressure points thus the elderly dogs who suffer arthritis, hip dysplasia, and others feel comfortable.

Also, they come with waterproof lining, durable cover and non-skid bottom which offer extra protection.
In addition, the bed has a chic design that is, its sleek silhouette fits in tight spaces. The orthopedic dog bed combines fashion and function. Additionally, its latest colors provide a modern look that is easy to maintain with a removable two-sided zippered cover.

Further, the dog bed balances softness and support. With the memory foam fill shred to pamper softness and dense packing to offer firmness, the ortho bed is flexible and retains its shape nicely. Therefore, it will not sag or flatten out.

Product highlights

  • Waterproof
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Strong support

10. Lucky Dog Orthopedic 7″ Memory Foam Large Dog Beds with Bolster Headrest Pillow

Lucky Dog Orthopedic 7 Memory Foam Large Dog Beds with Bolster Headrest Pillow

With the 7-inch premium memory foam for support, this large orthopedic dog bed with bolster is designed for large dogs. It can support dogs weighing up to 300 lbs. It has a 4-inch bolster headrest pillow which gives it extra comfort for the big breed dogs.

Remember dogs for long hours per day, thus if you love yours then you should invest in a high-quality, comfortable and longevity bed. The bed offers your dog luxurious comfort while supporting bone structure and posture. As a result, it helps relieve them of pressure, joint inflammation, arthritis pain or hip dysplasia.

In addition, the bed comes with high-quality memory foam. This foam is so dense that it won’t flatten and will offer long-lasting comfort. Besides, the ortho bed is resistant to temperature fluctuations. Hence, it would stay the same in cold and warm weather.

Moreover, the bed is toxic-free and hypoallergenic. Therefore, it is safe for use in your home. It’s also made in the USA, certified and environmentally safe. Its outside cover is easily removable for easy washing. If you still want to more about the orthopedic dog bed guide, please go to the FAQ section.

Product highlights

  • Toxic-free and hypoallergenic
  • Bolster headrest pillow
  • Dense memory foam


Many people don’t believe animals need beds, especially not orthopedic dog beds. Whether they are pets lovers who believe that animals are people, too. They seem to be capable to sleep anywhere – in a chair, on the hard kitchen floor, or outside in the grass, on a sidewalk. They hardly seem picky. Unique resting areas don’t seem like important supplies for them, but professionals know the real place to sleep is as vital for them as it is for humans.


Guide for Selecting an Orthopedic Pet Bed


Best Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large Breeds

5″ Thick Supportive Gel Enhanced Memory Foam – best orthopedic dog bed for large breeds

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large BreedsLuxurySupply is one of the most luxurious dog beds featuring a four-layer design that ensures the best performance of the dog bed just like it looks. For example, the first interior layer offers an exclusive2 orthopedic gel-enhanced memory foam.

The second layer as well as features a high-density base which is extremely supportive for your dog.

On the other hand, the third layer comes with a removable, waterproof and easily washable cover. The fourth layer is a cotton canvas which is durable enough.

Moreover, it provides what the orthopedic dog beds for large breeds can provide and ensures the absolute luxury of your most favorite dog.

Product highlights

  • Perfect size for small, medium and large dogs.
  • 5 inches thickness including 2 inches of orthopedic gel enhanced foam.
  • 100% cotton & 100% waterproof canvas cover.
  • It provides a three-layered bed.
  • Easily washable and removable bed.

Click here to learn more or check price on Amazon

4 Big Barker Mini Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed with Headrest Review

4 Big Barker Mini Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed with Headrest ReviewIf you want to give your dog a gift of the very best care and support with a stylish and gorgeous bed, then this Big Marker orthopedic dog bed would be the right choice for you.

The four inches top-grade orthopedic foam is made for an unrivaled sleep experience.

The bed not only comes with a vacuum compressed package but also the microfiber fabric material that provides a comfortable environment for your dog.

If you intend for a middle-sized dog of you then definitely it could be a good choice. Let’s dive into its features.

Product highlights

  • The top-grade orthopedic foam is calibrated specially for dogs up to 50 pounds.
  • Available in chocolate, burgundy and khaki 3 unique colors.
  • It offers two distinct dimensions for the bed of small and medium dogs.
  • Weighs only 3.8 pounds for small dog beds and 5 pounds for medium sizes.

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FAQ of Orthopedic Dog Bed

Do Orthopedic Dog Beds Work?

Yes, orthopedic dog beds work because they make the dogs cozy and comfy in their sleep. This is possible because they have the features explained below:

Who Should Buy an Orthopedic Dog Bed?

You should buy an orthopedic dog bed if you have a dog who is growing old especially between 8years t 11 years. Because at such an age, about 65% of dogs begin to develop muscle, hip, and joint problems.

Others also develop other medical conditions that need treatment. So. getting your dog an orthopedic bed as such an age will soothe it and help in managing the problems even if it is undergoing other treatments.

Also, if you have a dog breed who is big and has a lot of weight, then it’s time to budget for an orthopedic bed. This type of bed helps a great deal in giving the dogs excellent support thus a bigger dog would need it.

What is the best dog bed for dogs with arthritis?

The best dog bed for dogs with arthritis is an orthopedic bed. This is because orthopedic beds are constructed with high-density memory foam. Therefore, they conform to your dog’s size, shape and weight. Consequently, they offer incomparable comfort and support to the dogs that help relieve their aches.

They also have waterproof covers that help prevent the bed from stinking. Remember memory foams hold on to the odor and dogs with arthritis can mess with fluids.

Besides, warming beds are good for them too. The heated orthopedic dog bed is a good choice for arthritic dogs because its warmth assists relieve the pains.

Final Verdict

After going through above all previous lines I believe that you have already found exactly what you wanted for your dog. Now, whether it’s bigger or smaller you get no issues while buying a dog bed for it. These dog beds we mentioned previously in this article are the worldwide most popular and top quality product for times. It satisfies many of the user’s extremely. Hence I can assure you that you can completely believe in these dog beds because these are excellent dog beds and work just like the manufacturer advertise them. So, it’s high time you try one of these luxurious and orthopedic dog beds for large breeds.